Just a quick productivity tip today.

Noise is probably my #1 distractor. I find it very difficult to concentrate in noisy environments. Moving from Seattle to New York, it has definitely become even more of a problem.

But ambient noise, with some soft instrumental music layered on top, is the best way to protect myself from noisy distractions. Here’s what I use for ambient noise:


This page is one of the pinned tabs on my browser. I like to mix thunder, rain (at a low volume), and the crackling fire. The rain noise gives the right amount of noise at the right frequencies. Plus, the thunder and fire give it some texture. I find this combination far superior to simple white noise, which actually gives me a headache.

I haven’t used the visuals or the text editor, so I can’t speak for their effectiveness. But I recommend that you try out Noisli’s ambient noise features.