Installing a cursor position custom plugin in Sublime Text 3 on OSX

I couldn’t find any useful resource about how to install a custom Python script plugin in Sublime Text 3. It took me a while to figure it out, but the solution seems easy in retrospect.

In Sublime Text, the bottom right corner of the window displays the line and column position of the cursor. For example, it might say:

Line 11, Column 35 denote that the cursor is currently at the 35th character on the 11th line of the file.

My goal was to get a counter that shows an absolute counter of the cursor’s position from the beginning of the file. I wanted this:

Character 1324, Line 11, Column 35

After some digging around on the internet, I found this plugin on GitHub, which was actually taken from this post on StackOverflow.

However, all the information about how to actually install this on OSX seemed to be outdated. They wanted me to save the Python script as a file in directories that did not exist. If I created the directories required and restarted Sublime Text, I would either see no effect or get an ugly error message.

The solution turned out to be simple. I just had to open Sublime Text, and find the right menu item:

Tools > New Plugin...

Then, I just pasted the script from GitHub into the window and saved it as

Now, the bottom-right corner of my Sublime Text window looks like this:

Screenshot 2015-11-20 21.13.52

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